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I tripped on the floor with a loud wham hitting my knee on the weird couch corner lying unwanted in my living room.I was trying to multitask while following the “never burn yourself” theory since I woke up this morning in a real bad shape.

What happened last night clearly was not supposed to happen …that was the mantra chanting throughout pushing me harder to just crash my brain into something hard enough that it shuts down and reboots and while it does that it makes sure it blurts out all it’s memory.
Forget !!! . That’s not an easy ask is it …asking myself as I sat there calming my knee down and forcing myself not to picture something which is not going to happen ever again in my life never ever..
You get it !!!..screaming me to myself.
“I want to go home..” these were the words which I had uttered while hugging someone tight after which I don’t clearly remember what the person said but I woke up to find myself home.So that went well..
You don’t remember do you ??, were the words still haunting me inside.
There was a knock at the door..that might be it.
“Where were You ??..grunted Tia as she pushed me away and barged in as if I may have hidden a potential lunatic at my place without letting her know or a body which I have dumped in leaving it to vanish on it’s own…What’s wrong with me ?? ..that’s Tia my friend who lives right across the street …in other words a harmless bitch..sniffing into my bedroom for quite sometime now.
So did you find anything?? I shouted.
No !!..just checking your closet for the shirt you wore few days back .Have a meeting this morning and my iron is broke so have to take your shirt by the way you didn’t answer where were you last night ??.. with absolutely no responses…
I handed her the shirt and told her have a bad headache so will catch up in the evening.
After the door shut…

Last Night …

Was wrapping up a quick 7 pm meeting to hit the road before traffic shuts me down.Just when I realised a shadow right outside the door standing which kept me wandering as I spoke to my remote vendor’s team that at this hour there are not many people around at work so who could it be ??..
After the meeting I hung up and opening the door tried to figure out the shadow..
Hey there need something ??..that was wierd as that shadow ran away in seconds before I could figure out the face.
Ohh well…I maybe tired looking at the screen for too long let me just walk out.I turned off the lights and started to move out to take the elevator..It was a common building with lot of other agencies and departments in separate floors and the lights were still on in the corridors as it was an official building.
As I reached the garage floor and walked past the door a heavy hand groped me and pulled me tight.I was unable to breathe flustered by the series of things happening.That person whose face I cannot see had started to unzip and was touching me making me feel really awkward and blank for a moment.
Just when I felt I was still holding a pen from the meeting and pierced it really hard making him squeal.But his grip had tightened and he had managed to push me harder against the wall this time.I was starting to give up just when I got an inner urge to beat the crap out of this filthy pervert.I head bumped him and managed to release from his grip running across the garage furiously with not any moving being to be found in the vicinity.He was chasing me being aware of the same fact.I could hear his footsteps coming closer just when I squeezed myself into a corner shelf where a car was parked in front shutting myself down sweating and closing my mouth to avoid any noise.
Few minutes had passed..I shut my eyes hard and prayed to whomever I believed in to just let this time go away.Just then a familiar voice asked me Tiksha you want a hand ?? I can pull you out ..are you okay ??..
A hand with a comfort tone of a friend just made me feel like an angel who appeared right in the midst of a horrific disaster.I broke into tears like a kid at the sight of her mother after an hour of playing with strangers.He pulled me over right away and I hugged him tightly and uttered ” I want to go home.. and I passed out..


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