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A Collection Of Short Stories

"Speechless Moon", is the story of one night when two long lost friends confront each other and finally realize the greatest truth about their lives.This story has well portrayed  the fun essence in both friendship and love .How the people you come to know and eventually become friends  become completely different ,once they show you a hidden section of their lives.So to know more about the protagonists of my story Tiksha and Daksh ,go ahead and read it on guys.

And yes don't forget to admire the "Speechless Moon" tonight.

"Love is a Myth" , is a story of true love and how one tends to forget every freaking thing which makes sense , when he/she just fall for this one precious feeling.How things
happen without any reason and still feel quiet reasonable as its connected with your special one.
Its a poetic verse of a short story , the narration goes with the momentum but I am sure you guys will love the way as love reaches a new level of understanding at the end  ...cause.. "Love Is A Myth" .

"The New Year's Eve" , is a story of a selfless relationship between 2 complete strangers who constantly realize the feeling of loss in their lives which gets them to a point where they cannot resist but fight with their own fate.As the story moves ahead it  also makes you realize how a lot of relationships in your life doesn't make sense and in fact are just existing for the namesake while it only takes a couple of  seconds to build up a connection so strong that you are willing to die come what may.
    The story has been narrated in 5 different parts and have tried to give each part its own unique essence to make you guys feel unconventional about each phase.
I concluded the story which will add a smile to each of the reader who has felt what it feels like when you get a second chance in your life.
 Hope you guys enjoy the read "The New Year's Eve"


  1. True story kya.... very well written.... gives hopes for jokers like me to believe that one has to put in extra effort to make things happen.. :)

  2. Wow Tiksha !! Its awesome :) u generally read between the lines or just few lines when u know its a friend-written post but trust me, i did read everyline like i was readin some classic novel....writing kept me glued from start til end. Cheers to some more !! Keep it up !! Tc.

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