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Love Is A Myth

Her Eyes Reflected Purity...,
was unable to disrupt her sanctity..
with her eyes shut she just continued to come closer to me,
I beg do have mercy ..says she ..please help me....
Darkness all around as I lie there half dead on the ground.
It was my fault as I couldn't help loving her..

"She is in town son.." why don't you pay her a visit,
Sitting across the county lake as I try to focus on fishes ..
 Mother ..I can't , please don't bother me with the reasons..
I muttered  these words hiding my flickering eyes from her ,
as she walked past me all the seasons..

It wasn't easier for me, to walk over one day and try to claim what wasn't mine..
I avoided  for she belonged to someone else..
The only fact which haunted me all this time ..Why did she approach me in solace ?

Years passed...purity struck me again but this time she had words to say...
My husband was in death bed with a weird wish before his last breath,
I consulted your mother and surprisingly she mentioned you for my distress,
Sitting there numb , a smile peeped into my face...

That morning just the first glimpse of her had made my heart stop for a while..
Which no one but my mother realized as she found my eyes seeking a glance of that maiden
when I had stopped to drop mom a parcel...

Love is a myth ,till you haven't felt it..
Once you have earned it , it is then you attain not what all you took out of it..
but what you gave just to acquire it...

I know it is foolish to claim that love was achieved at the end,
But somehow it felt right this time..

                                                                 Story narrated and thought by :-
                                                                                Pratiksha Misra


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