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It was getting dense and foggy making it difficult for me to see the road while driving.The wind didn’t limit itself and was roaring making the windows tremble.Suddenly my car refused to go any further up the hill with the water gushing down making the machine tremble as I sat inside with shaky legs.
I decided to leave my car and try walking instead as lot of people were creating havoc trying to get to their comfort zone.Walking wasn’t going to be an easy task in the wet crowded path where people usually don’t give their thoughts on caring about you over themselves.
Got a deliberate push and was on the verge of toppling into the filthiness and not sure what all elements inside the water when my hands felt a tight grip with someone pulling me into a thatched shop right beside the road where water was dripping from all sides but still felt safer than the dangerous rush outside.
Those eyes inside the hooded black raincoat looked familiar which at first looked blurry to me but still close enough to catch my attention as I knew these eyes for a long time to recall even in pitch darkness.
“How have you been ?..”,whispered into my ears. “Stay right here, don’t me.”
Taking my hands close to his heart covering me like a shield with flock of people sticking to each other trying to be saved by the flooded water which was gushing right through the hilly road taking with it anyone and everyone who seemed vulnerable enough to loose their grip.
Could hear his heart beats yet again.Tears rolled down my watery face without even realizing how much time has passed away when I slept at night hoping to hear a word back but all I could hear was the noisy silence.
Couldn’t utter a single word of complain at that moment.Sheepishly snuggled closer and let my head rest on his shoulders.People screaming at each other ,fights broke out,babies crying louder than usual and I on the other hand was calm as ever closing my eyes slept like I had been wide awake since a decade.He stood still like a pillar while others kept pushing and getting in to be saved from the flood outrage.
Suddenly he shook his shoulder. “Time to wake up..”.
Opened my eyes and found it was almost dusk. The rain had started flooding this morning.It had calm down with water levels reduced and people walking back to their dwellings before the rain strikes again.It was getting darker but not dark enough as I tried to look into those eyes to discover the face behind which I very well knew but afraid to ask because had it all been a dream I would wake up right now to which I was not ready yet.
“I should get going Tiksha..Stay safe! ” ,saying those words he left merging into the crowd in few minutes. I kept watching him leave again still standing right there at the same spot waking up from my deep slumber with my name echoing in my ears as I had always loved the way he called.
Smiling to myself ordered a cutting chai (cup of tea) by the road side shop looked above trying to find the moon beneath the clouds and talking to myself.
“Why didn’t I stop him?, I could have asked him something else.“
As I remembered the last words he told me back then “Don’t ever ask me to come back as I will never be able to..”.

While driving back home a drop of water trickled through my eyes.I wiped those tears consoling my heart to think that this coincidence will make its mark to let me live some more as love finds ways but doesn’t get sore.


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